Sunday, July 7, 2013


I literally stumble through the door after the 24 hour epic drive back from Hatteras and picking up my nice newly-repaired car in Philly, and get the news: a Rufous-necked Wood-rail was found this morning in New Mexico. See here for the ABA report.

I'm exhausted, *and* supposed to be getting ready for a 2 week vacation with Gerri to CA - starting Weds. Why couldn't this bloody bird be found last week? Talk about bad timing...

Anyway, you may ask - what's so special about a Rufous-necked whatchamacallit? It's not even in my guide book! Exactly - if verified this would be an ABA first: a new bird for the ABA list. It's a bird normally restricted to Central and South America. It was first seen this morning - as it made a cameo appearance on a video recording of a Least Bittern - and quickly stole the show. The bird was refound this afternoon, meaning that it's chaseable. Typically, rails are tricky to spot, so it's encouraging this one was seen again.

Thanks to Gerri for letting me head out the door (almost) as soon as I'm back in it. I'm booked on a morning flight to ABQ. Stay tuned!


  1. Good luck. This may be the bird of the year so far. I look forward to your (hopefully successful) update.