Monday, April 29, 2013


I'm back in Boston for one night, and then back out again. This time Arizona.

Arizona is, by far, my favorite place to bird (of the places I've visited this year.) Lots and lots of birds, lots of unique birds that can only be found there, and not a ridiculous amount of driving involved.

I'm there for a week, which should make a significant dent in breeding and migrating western and south-western birds.

Highlights should be:

  1. Owling with Laurens Halsey at Madera Canyon
  2. Sorting through all the different migrating and resident flycatchers
  3. Lots of new warblers - including Grace's, Virginia's, Lucy's. Hopefully the rare Crescent-chested Warbler - found last week - is back and showing well next week.
  4. Catching up on some sleep???

Also need to think about other trips in May. I'll probably need to go to:

  1. The Dry Tortugas (Florida - again!)
  2. Back to the Rio Grande and SW Texas (both parrots, Golden-cheeked Warbler, Black-capped Vireo, Colima Warbler)

I still haven't been to California - where there's a whole bunch of new stuff waiting. Including pelagic birds.

Oh - and I missed Sharp-tailed Grouse in CO. Hope I can find an easier alternative - it's quite the trek out there.

I've missed a bunch of migrating warblers which will be on breeding grounds soon. I'll probably have to track them down there, which will take time. I'm worried about: Golden-winged Warbler, Bay-breasted Warbler, Swainson's Warbler, Kentucky Warbler, as well as Black-billed Cuckoo.

I'm also planning to visit the Pribilofs (AK) for breeding seabirds. The logistics of this might be too hard to organize alone, and so I'll probably be forced to join a group.

OK - flight back to Boston...

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