Monday, April 29, 2013


I've updated my year list based on feedback.

Which means I'm back under 500 :(

I've taken out birds that aren't accepted by the ABA:

1. Common Pochard - seen in Vermont in Feb. The bird was banded and thus a presumed escape. VT are not accepting this record so neither is the ABA.

2. Aplomado Falcon - seen in Texas in April. These birds are being reintroduced after extirpation, and are thus code 6 (like California Condor.)

3. Mitred Parakeet - somehow managed to slip in (as I logged it in eBird and then just used that list.) Given how abundant these guys are, it can't be be long before they're added to the list.

It's not all bad news though. I get to add one: Muscovy Duck. It's apparently countable in Florida now as a code 2 established escape. If I have time, I'll try for the "real thing" again in Texas, but happy that I at least have this as a back-up!

Should still make 500 before the end of the month (tomorrow!)...

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